in the backyard

- from a wildflower to that weird red bug -

- from a rainbow to your kids on a slip n' slide -

- from the mr. wilson next door to a stinky pile of dog poop -

find the beauty right there at your feet. yep, even in the dog poop.

flowers & dew

My youngest and I made a garden that we let fall into disarray. But this gem managed to peek through and flourish in all of it vibrance. And those huge drops of dew delicately balanced on the leaves...

slimy critters

This guy was just hanging out next to me on the stoop - singing his song at the top of his little lungs. Melodious? Only if you decide it is - which I did!

furry friends

This golden nugget was a gift. She keeps on giving and giving and giving. Sometimes it's poop she gives. On the rare occasions when I clean it up or when I step in it, I remember - no poop, no pup.