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pieces of inspiration

- from a tattoo to a bible verse -

- from a bracelet to the words of the buddha -

- from your sister to your fifth grade teacher -

what wakes you up, keeps you going, jump starts your heart, kicks your lazy butt in gear (no judgement, kindred spirits), puts pep in your step or gives you just enough for one more try

inspirational jewelry

I put a dab of Sun's Eye Throat Chakra essential oil into this Tree of Life aromatherapy necklace. It smells divine! I wear it whenever I know I'm going into difficult situations where I have to express myself clearly. 


custom jewelry

I'm not a big jewelry girl - plain studs or hoops for earrings, non-ornate silver rings. Sometimes big ones. But I love leather cuff bracelets. Especially ones custom inscribed with inspirational quotes. 

she believed she could.jpeg

homemade wall art

Creating things is sometimes the inspiration I need to do the things I don't wanna. So sometimes I channel my inner Martha to get going. I hand painted this one. Less in your face than ink on your skin, but still always there when you wake up or walk by. On days when I doubt its ultimate message I'm tempted to take it down. But I don't...because I'm still hoping it's true.

love never fails.jpg

a tattoo

I've not always been good at this one, so now I get reminded at least once daily to count my blessings. I can't recommend getting a tattoo. But I can't not either. I ain't gonna works.


disney wisdom

I can't say I'm a big fan of highly commercialized things generally, but Timon and Pumbaa are really onto something. I've seen the Lion King movies and on Broadway multiple times. It's kinda my briar patch. I've even been known to sport the pjs, and those who know me know this is hallowed ground. 

Hakuna Matata.jpg
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